Tammy Krause

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    My husband and I are in our early 40s and we have two children. We just returned from living in England while I got my PhD. In the past, we have successfully owned two houses, with no foreclosures. We have excellent credit. And we have more than 20% to put towards the purchase of a new house. Because of the economy and job market, we are both having to do contract work. This makes us ineligible for a mortgage for two years despite the responsible way we have lived our lives. We have to explain to our children why we cannot move into a “home” that they are longing for after four years of feeling uprooted. They continue to feel uprooted because they want to KNOW that they are not going to have to move again. It is unfair and unreasonable to think that people who have made responsible fiscal decisions, have paid their taxes, and continue to contribute to society have to carry the burden of others who have made risky, greedy, or careless decisions. My children are the victims of this economy. I would really like you to answer this question: Are yours?

    May you please give deeper consideration to the many, many lives that are being damaged or penalized due to the decisions of a few. It is possible to live a more equitable life and still have more than enough.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    With kind regards,

    Tammy Krause

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