Jane Oliver

  • commented on Pen Pal 2011-10-16 14:14:21 -0700
    How many rooms can you be in at one time? How many cars can you drive at one time? How much is enough? What hole are you trying to fill? Are you happy surrounded by a body guard living in a fortress behind an electrified fence? How can you tell?

    Adopt a 1%er Pen Pal and help OccupyTheBoardRoom

    Wall Street has crashed our economy and they and their 1% allies and cronies have left the 99% with the bill. Despite the growing voice of people standing up and fighting back, they still think they can ignore us. But no longer. We're setting up pen pals with the 1% so they can hear exactly what we think about how their greed has triumphed over our need. Write your message to the 1% and we'll send it to Wall Street bankers and post it to a public blog.

    It's our moment. Seize it! 

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