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    In the years you have been my Congressman, and then Senator, I have never felt that you represented the people of Arizona or really contributed anything to keeping our country great. I have observed your commitment to special interests like insurance and drug companies and oil. When we were young at U of A, people were willing to pay higher taxes so we could be number one in Space, have great public schools and universities, highway systems, damns and other infrastucture, Medicare, the President Ford signed WIC, President Nixon supported unsuccessfully comprehensive health care coverage for all Americans and signed legislation for Environmental Protection Agency, Protection for workers in the Work Place OSHA, ended the war in Vietnam, production of chemical and bactrial weapons — Republicans both when Ev Dirkson was Senate minority leader and worked with the majority leaders for our countrys benefit.

    My ancesters were at Ripon, Wisconsin in l854 — they would be ashamed of your record. I am thankful you are retiring. I just wish you gave us Wildcat a better image. As a member of the Committee of Six, I must ask if you were chosen because you would do nothing. I would be so surprised if my fellow wildcat for once had an unselfish vote for increased taxes on this wealthy benefactors or even allof us — lMost of us love the country in more than words and want our grandchildren to once more inheriet a country as nice as we did with adults willing to show their patriotism with their money instead of cheap rhetoric full of cliches.

    I Stand in Solidarity with the 99%! -- Yo Estoy en Solidaridad con el 99%!

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    Arizona needs good jobs now. We’re ready to work, but where are the jobs? While we face foreclosure and unemployment, the 1% rakes in billions in bonuses and tax breaks. While we face cuts to our health care and our children’s schools, the 1% tells Congress to kill job creation bills. 

    We, the 99%, call on you, Senator Jon Kyl, to support us and bring good jobs back to hardworking Arizonans NOW. As a gesture of this support, we call on you to meet IMMEDIATELY with us, your constituents, to discuss ways you can support a job creation agenda.



    Arizona necesita buenos trabajos ahora. Estamos listos para trabajar, pero ¿dónde están los empleos? Mientras nosotros perdemos nuestras casas y el desempleo, el 1% alcanza miles de millones en ganancias en las bonificaciones y exenciones fiscales. Mientras nosotros nos enfrentamos a recortes a nuestra salud y a las escuelas de nuestros hijos, el 1% le dice al Congreso que elimine la proposicion de creación de empleos.

    Nosotros, el 99%, le hacemos el llamado a usted, senador Jon Kyl, para que nos apoye y traiga buenos trabajos para los arizonenses que trabajan duro. AHORA. Como un gesto de este apoyo, le hacemos un llamamiento para que se reuna IMEDIATAMNETE con nostros, sus electores, para discutir maneras en que puede apoyar un programa de creación de empleo.

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