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    One-Third-of-Arizona-Votes-Uncounted-Two-Days-After-the-Election_medium.jpgThis election cycle, we encountered numerous failures in our county and state's electoral systems that disenfranchised voters and blocked them from exercising their most basic democratic right: casting a ballot that counts.

    Without your help, we would not have been able to bring these deep flaws to light. And so far, the response from our county and state elected officials has been monotonously predictable: More barriers to casting ballots and having them count, supposedly to ‘prevent chaos.’

    Together, we are fighting back against their regressive ‘reform’ proposals. And we’re going on offense, mobilizing across the state for lowering the barriers to casting ballots and having them counted.

    Take the pledge now to fight for the rights of EVERY VOTER and EVERY VOTE! Together, we will win this important campaign for democracy in Arizona!


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    I pledge to fight to ensure that Every Voter and Every Vote counts in Every Election! I will join LUCHA and the progressive movement in Arizona to defend the right to fair elections and a democracy in which every voice is heard.
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    Arizona Healthy Working Families Act

    January 23, 2018
    Contact: Abril Gallardo Cervera
    602 503 7015

    Arizona Healthy Working Families Act


    Arizona Family Leave Act


    The purpose of the Arizona Family Leave Act (AFLA) is to allow employees leave from work for certain medical reasons, for birth or placement of a child, and for the care of certain family members (including registered domestic partners) who have a serious health condition.

    All employers who employ 50 or more employees for at least 20 workweeks annually within 75 miles of the employee’s worksite must provide FLA leave to their employees (“qualified employer”). The workweeks can be in the current or preceding calendar year. Leave provided by employers under AFLA is not required to be paid.

    AFLA provides up to twelve weeks of protected leave in a 12-month period for eligible employees. Eligibility requires that the employee work for at least one year with their employer and must have worked 1,250 hours (part-time) in the year preceding the requested leave.


    AFLA is extended to Arizona working families in the following three circumstances:

    1) Pregnancy, Foster Care, and Adoption. In the case of a pregnancy, when a woman works for an qualified employer, she will qualify for 12 weeks of AFLA in addition to the pregnancy disability leave ordered by her health care provider. AFLA does not run during pregnancy disability leave. Instead, the 12 weeks of AFLA will begin to run when the woman’s doctor releases her to work following the birth of her child, usually six to eight weeks after the date of birth. Fathers are entitled to Paternity Leave under AFLA. If spouses who are entitled to leave under AFLA are employed by the same employer, the aggregate number of workweeks of leave to which both spouses are entitled may be limited to twelve workweeks during any twelve-month period. The same rule applies in the case of an adoption or foster care placement.

    2) Serious Illness in the Family. In a case when an employee qualifies for FMLA (50 employees within 75 miles, one year or more tenure, and having worked 1,250 hours in the past 12 months) and the employee needs leave to care for a registered domestic partner with a serious health condition, the employee can use up to 12 weeks of AFLA for this purpose. Only the AFLA will run, and the employee will still have 12 weeks of FMLA available for FMLA-qualifying purposes.

    3) Military Service or Qualified Leave. If a qualifying employee exhausts all or part of their FMLA entitlement because of qualifying exigency leave, the employee may still have access to all 12 weeks of state AFLA. Certain military exigencies are not covered under the AFLA and certain covered servicemembers do not meet the definition of family member under the AFLA. In such cases, the AFLA will not run when the FMLA is running for those purposes.


    Arizona Fair Workweek Act



    On average, Arizonans work either too few hours or far too many. Ever-changing schedules force employees to be available 24/7 without a guaranteed steady income, wreaking havoc on their family life and economic security.

    A national survey of early career adults has confirmed what millions of workers already knew: workers across the labor market – but particularly workers in part-time, hourly-waged jobs – are at high risk of unpredictable, last-minute, fluctuating work hours over which they have no control.*

    The purpose of the Arizona Fair Workweek Act is to establish a predictable, flexible, and reliable workweek that Arizonans can count on, with enough hours for families to make ends meet.



    • Requires large employers in specified industries (hospitality & retail) to provide new employee with estimated work schedule and to provide current employee with two weeks’ notice of employee work schedule.
    • Requires employer to pay employee equivalent of at least four hours of work if employee is scheduled or called in to work but, due to employer, does not work entire shift.
    • Prohibits employer from retaliating against employee who requests preferred work schedule.
    • Requires large employers in specified industries to engage in interactive process toward resolution of schedule conflicts and to grant preferred schedule request to employee unless employer has bona fide business reason not to do so.
    • Prohibits large employers in specified industries from scheduling work shifts that do not allow sufficient break time in between shifts unless employee earns 1.5 times scheduled rate of pay.
    • Requires large employers in specified industries to pay penalty wage if employer changes scheduled shift with less than two weeks’ notice.
    • Requires large employers in specified industries to consider internal applicant before hiring outside applicant.
    • Requires all employers to maintain records relating to compliance for three years.
    • Makes unlawful employment practice for all employers to interfere with employee rights or retaliate against employee for exercising rights granted to employee under Act.
    • Allows for administrative or civil cause of action and escalating statutory penalties for each violation.


    *Susan J. Lambert, Peter J. Fugiel, and Julia R. Henly, Schedule Unpredictability among Early Career Adults in the U.S. Labor Market: A National Snapshot, a research brief issued by EINet (Employment Instability, Family Well-being, and Social Policy Network) at the University of Chicago: http://ssascholars.uchicago.edu/einet.


    Prepared for LUCHA by Creosote Partners and the Center for Popular Democracy

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    LUCHA depends on the contributions of its supporters to continue to fight for - and win - the change we need. Can you help us continue our efforts in increasing Citizenship and DACA applications in our for our community to grow economically? Chip in today! 

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    Governor Brewer, Let the DREAMers Drive Now!

    Dear Governor Brewer: Be Our Valentine and Let DREAMers Drive!

    1,135 valentine cards

    Add your name in support of drivers licenses for DREAMers in Arizona! Post_Card_1_for_website.jpg

    Post a short comment for Governor Brewer and we'll make sure it's included on one a valentines card, to be delivered on the 14th.


    ¡Adhiere tu nombre en apoyo para licencias de conducir para SOÑADORES en Arizona! Escribe una nota breve para la Gobernadora Brewer y nosotros nos aseguraremos que sea incluida en una de las tarjetas de San Valentín abajo, que serán presentadas el 14 de Febrero.

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    I stand in solidarity with Lilly!

    Save Lilly Washington's Home! -- Salvemos la Casa de Lilly Washington!

    In 2010, Bank of America and Fannie Mae illegally and fraudulently foreclosed on LILLY WASHINGTON, unjustly evicted her not once, but TWICE and dragged her through the courts for two years in an attempt to win legal approval for their criminal activities, causing substantial financial loss and irreparable harm to her health. In April 2012 a judge gave Lilly the right of repossession and now she's suing for her title and for damages. 


    En 2010, el Banco de America y Fannie Mae, ilegalmente y fraudulentamente ejecutaron una hipoteca a LILLY WASHINGTON. Injustamente la desalojaron, no solo una vez, sino dos veces y la arrastraron a través de los tribunales durante dos años en un intento de obtener la aprobación legal para sus actividades delictivas, causándole pérdidas económicas importantes y daños irreparables a su salud. En abril de 2012 un juez le dio a Lilly el derecho de vivir otra vez en su casa y ahora ella está demandando por su título y por daños y perjuicios.

    634 signatures

    Bank of America and Fannie Mae: We demand that you negotiate fairly with Ms. Washington. We demand that you give her the title to her home, free and clear, and pay for the harm you have caused her. Furthermore, we demand that you immediately cease all fraudulent foreclosures and evictions.


    Banco de America y Fannie Mae: Exigimos que la negociación con la Sra. Washington sea justa. Exigimos que Ustedes le den el título a su casa, libre y limpio y que paguen por el daño que le han causado. Además, exigimos que le ponga fin de inmediato todas las ejecuciones hipotecarias y desalojos fraudulentos.

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