Fighting for a $15/HR Minimum Wage


            In the midst of the challenges with the new executive order, working families have been participating in another battle: Fighting for a $15 per hour minimum wage. Fast Food chains are the number one target Fight for 15 would like to see raise their employee hourly wages. One of the worst chains is McDonalds, known for not prioritizing the needs and lives of their employees. Recently, McDonalds has beenreceiving negative media towards McDonalds disregarding employee safety.

            LUChA, Living United for Change in Arizona, has organized community members to petition at fast food chains such as McDonalds and grocery stores like El Super. Leading the organized groups is Antonio Valdovinos, a young community organizer fighting for worker rights. Most of the participants in the demonstrations are low income, working families, after all it is the crowd being affected. 

E Pluribus Unum on Memorial Day

As we’re out and about on this long weekend, having BBQs and cookouts, maybe enjoying some sun at a lake or on a beach, many of us often pause to think about those who gave their lives to service. We acknowledge those who have sacrificed for this country, many of them our own family members, in order to preserve the principles of an open and free society. But what happens when those who have served this country — and their families — are not met with respect but with ill-will, because of their citizenship status — or lack thereof?

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Alejandra Gomez well deserved Recognition Award: 40 under 40 Awards

Alejandra Gomez's efforts and dedication for the Latino Community are being recognized among the top leaders in Arizona. 


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Is it fair for the fast food industry to pay the minimum wage to their hardworking employees, while making billions of dollars in profits?

There are many misconceptions about who the fast food workers are. Fast food workers are not just teenagers who we usually think of as employee in the fast food industry.  That is no longer the case; most of the time the McDonald's employee you see is not a single teen, with no kids, or in no need to support a family. The fast food employee that works day and night for minimum wage is working there trying to make a living for their family and in most cases they are mothers and fathers that try to exhaust every single cent they have just to scrape by for their children.We stand with all fast food workers, and LUCHA realizes that enough is enough! 

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Last Thursday, House Republican leaders provided points on how to deal with the immigration policy in the United States at their annual conference retreat in Cambridge, Maryland.

Below are the main points from the letter:

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Capitol Media: 'Dreamer' protesters show up as Brewer lights Capitol dome

By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services | Posted: Friday, February 15, 2013 10:17 am

Gov. Jan Brewer lit the dome on the historic Capitol building Thursday night after protesters tried to drown out her comments.

Several dozen people chanted "Let the Dreamers drive,'' a reference to her directive not to issue licenses to those in the "deferred action'' program announced last year by the Obama administration. Brewer contends they do not meet the requirements of Arizona law that they are "authorized'' to be in the country.

Brewer avoided the entrance to the outdoor event, allowing her to bypass the protesters.

"We are here to celebrate the lighting of the dome,'' she told Capitol Media Services.

"I appreciate the fact they came and participated,'' Brewer continued. "You know, we're all Arizonans.''

But the governor balked when asked why, if they are "all Arizonans'' they do not deserve state licenses to drive.

"Well, well,'' she said, walking off.

The dome lighting capped the year-long celebration of Arizona's 100 years as a state.


Links to LUCHA DREAMers in the News

AZCENTRAL.COM:  Dreamers disrupt statehood fest: Young people protest for the right to get Arizona drivers licenses





VOXXI: Dreamers tell Gov. Jan Brewer: Be our Valentine and let us drive

Posted on February 14, 2013 By Griselda Nevarez


Gov. Jan Brewer was surprised on Valentine’s Day with roses and balloons from dreamers who want her to let deferred action recipient get driver’s licenses. (VOXXI/Griselda Nevarez)

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was surprised on Valentine’s Day with roses and balloons from dreamers who want her to open her heart and let deferred action recipients get driver’s licenses.

“We want her to change her heart and let us drive,” said Abril Gallardo, a 22-year-old Dreamer and member of Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), the group that organized the event.

Gallardo was among the nearly 50 dreamers and activists who crowded Brewer’s office on Thursday to deliver the gifts along with more than 1,000 Valentine’s Day cards. Each card had a message for Brewer. One of the cards was written by a 7-year-old girl who wrote, “Let my big sister drive! I am a 2nd grader!”

The group also requested a meeting with Brewer. This is the third time members of LUCHA have requested a meeting with the governor since she issued an executive order on Aug. 15 barring deferred action recipients from getting driver’s licenses. So far, they haven’t been successful in scheduling a meeting with her.

“We’ve been trying to meet with her to get a real answer from her on why she is denying us driver’s licenses,” Gallardo told VOXXI.

Jan Brewer won’t change her mind

Brewer argues that deferred action recipients are not eligible for driver’s licenses because the federal program doesn’t grant them a lawful status. She says that under Arizona law, only individuals who have a lawful status are able to get driver’s licenses in the state.

But according to the Arizona Department of Transportation, Arizona law requires residents to submit proof that their presence in the United States is “authorized under federal law” to be eligible for a driver’s license.

The federal government clarified about a month ago that undocumented youth who have received deferred action are “authorized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to be present in the United States” and are “considered by DHS to be lawfully present during the period deferred action is in effect.”

Still, Brewer announced this week that she is standing by her order to not allow deferred action recipients to get driver’s licenses, making Arizona one of the few states left that still deny this state benefit to deferred action recipients.

Attorney: Deferred action recipients qualify for licenses

Jose Penalosa, an immigration attorney, said in a statement that Gov. Jan Brewer and her attorneys “know very little about immigration law.” He said deferred action recipients do qualify for driver’s licenses because they are authorized by the federal government to be in the country.

Penalosa is confident that the plaintiffs in the Arizona Dream Act Coalition v. Brewer federal court case, which challenges Brewer’s executive order, will win.

He added that having Brewer issue the executive order on the same day that the federal government began accepting requests for deferred action “really convinces me that her heart is hardened.”

“If her heart is so touched by the Dreamers, you, Governor Brewer, should give the Dreamers a great Valentine’s Day gift and allow them to have licenses,” he said. Dreamers disrupt statehood fest

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