Can I file a renewal request outside the recommended filing period of 150 days to 120 days before my current DACA expires?


Yes, you may submit your renewal request outside of the recommended filing window.  

However: If you file before the recommended filing window (meaning more than 150 days before your current period of DACA expires), USCIS may reject your submission and return it to you with instructions to resubmit your request within the recommended filing period.

If you file after the recommended filing period (meaning less than 120 days before your current period of DACA expires), USCIS will not consider providing you with any additional short-term period of deferred action and employment authorization before reaching a final decision on your renewal request. This will be true even if your current period of DACA expires while USCIS is considering your renewal request.

If you file after your most recent DACA period expired, but within one year of its expiration, you may submit a request to renew your DACA. If you are filing beyond one year after your most recent period of DACA expired, you may still request DACA by submitting a new initial request.

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