Moving Forward on Health Care: We Won't Go Back!

March 23rd marks the one year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act being signed into law. Some in Congress want to take away the consumer and patient protections in the law and put the insurance companies back in charge.

We urge you, our elected officials, to fully implement the Affordable Care Act.  We won't go back on health care!


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  • Sandy Draus
    signed 2011-03-22 10:27:47 -0700
    The Country needs this change!! United States is soooo behind other developed countries in taking care of the health of their people. You are only so strong as your weakest link.
  • Patty Schlueter
    signed 2011-03-22 10:27:35 -0700
  • Maxine Jordahl
    signed 2011-03-22 10:27:03 -0700
  • Fredric Myers
    signed 2011-03-22 10:23:31 -0700
    Death to those that would take away Health Care for Americans & stop giving “free” health care to those same Vile politicians.
  • Linda Kane
    signed 2011-03-22 10:23:17 -0700
  • Rudolph Radau
    signed 2011-03-22 10:20:56 -0700
  • Robert Modica
    signed 2011-03-22 10:20:50 -0700
  • Sandra Stock
    signed 2011-03-22 10:20:46 -0700
  • Jean Oiler
    signed 2011-03-22 10:16:36 -0700
  • Karla Roberts
    signed 2011-03-22 10:16:20 -0700
  • Mary Huber
    signed 2011-03-22 10:16:04 -0700
  • Erica Johnsen
    signed 2011-03-22 10:14:37 -0700
  • Carrick Underdown
    signed 2011-03-22 10:13:08 -0700
  • Ken Monefeldt
    signed 2011-03-22 10:11:35 -0700
  • Al kossack
    signed 2011-03-22 10:11:34 -0700
  • Helen Jones
    signed 2011-03-22 10:11:14 -0700
    It is beyond shocking that health care in this country is good only when one can afford it, which, increasingly, people cannot, even with insurance. Rates are increased for no reason, and claims are fought for absurd reasons. It is no wonder, then, that our country is in jeopardy from within. Health care insurance should no be a matter of profit! Now is the time to proceed with meaningful health care insurance reform.
  • Thierry Deshayes
    signed 2011-03-22 10:10:27 -0700
  • Pam Lotke
    signed 2011-03-22 10:10:26 -0700
  • Eileen Gilmore
    signed 2011-03-22 10:08:52 -0700
  • George Yolland
    signed 2011-03-22 10:08:40 -0700
  • Colleen Brosnan
    signed 2011-03-22 10:07:44 -0700
  • Tom Kociemba
    signed 2011-03-22 10:07:33 -0700
    Access to timely quality health care increases American productivity.
  • Karen Davis
    signed 2011-03-22 10:06:56 -0700
    We need to strengthen and build on the healthcare law, not find ways to weaken or disassemble it! As a 57 YO retiree from the State of AZ, I do not qualify for Medicare yet, so I pay FULL PRICE for health insurance for me and my 17 YO daughter, a brain cancer patient. That leaves me with $700/mo. Health insurance is outrageously expensive, and millions of Americans cannot afford it! WHY can’t we make premiums the same for all Americans, everywhere? There were many, MANY years that I paid insurance and never needed a doctor’s services. What I have paid in is FAR MORE than what I have used in services, and I expect that this is true for most insured Americans. What insurance companies have done is to take OUR MONEY and have bought politicians who are “friendly” to their companies. This is NOT how I want my money spent! Either have a single-payor, government-controlled healthcare system, or control costs and make it ILLEGAL for insurance companies to make such outrageous profits and to BUY politicians!
  • irene cummings
    signed 2011-03-22 10:06:55 -0700
  • Barbara and Edward Tse
    signed 2011-03-22 10:06:48 -0700
    We need health care for all…not health care for the rich only. ACA was a good start but universal single payer for everyone is better. Go farther…not backward!
  • dennis ferreira
    signed 2011-03-22 10:06:47 -0700
  • Chauncey Wood
    signed 2011-03-22 10:05:50 -0700
  • Patricia Grandy
    signed 2011-03-22 10:05:42 -0700
  • peter and vicky lockwood
    signed 2011-03-22 10:05:04 -0700
    this Act saves money,and repealing it would cost too much,according to the CBO and many others. We have too many medical bankruptcies in this country,and we really need this law,and more,such as Medicare for all.
  • Virginia Garcia-Bunuel
    signed 2011-03-22 10:04:48 -0700
    In the best country in the world health care is a right! Fully implement PPACA and improve it also! This is people care for all the people.

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