Last Thursday, House Republican leaders provided points on how to deal with the immigration policy in the United States at their annual conference retreat in Cambridge, Maryland.

Below are the main points from the letter:

Border Security and Interior Enforcement Must Come First

There shall be a zero tolerance for people who cross the border illegally once the reform is enacted. The reform must also certify a President cannot stop the enforcement of immigration laws.

Implement Entry-Exit Visa Tracking System

The Entry-Exit system is not consistent on keeping track on who is meant to be here and who is not. In order to keep track, the system must be adjusted.

Employment Verification and Workplace Enforcement

Work eligibility passed through paper documents has a higher risk of containing fraud, so this nation should base all hiring through an electronic employment verification system.

Reforms to the Legal Immigration System

Ensure foreign nationals who come for a high-standard U.S. education are able to help U.S. industries and our economy, but in order for them to do so there must be visas for these foreign nationals. Temporary worker programs should recognize the economy’s needs and the increase of national security. It is important that temporary workers do not displace or disadvantage American workers as well.


It is not the children’s fault for being brought into the country. And for that, it is time for these children to be given the opportunity for citizenship and legal residence. This includes youth who have served in the military or have a college degree.

Individuals Living Outside the Rule of Law

People working and living in the U.S. illegally must come forward and the only path in order to live legally in the U.S. would be to admit their fault, pass strict background checks, pay significant fines and back taxes, have skillfulness in English and American civics, and be able to support themselves and their families without access to public benefits. According to the GOP's document, "Criminal aliens, gang members, and sex offenders and those who do not meet the above requirements will not be eligible for this program." Specific immigration laws must take effect before this all can happen.

What do you feel about these principles?


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