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    Check out Living United for Change in Arizona. I just joined.

    SIGN UP for LUCHAdor Updates!

    LUCHA is a member-driven organization with over 600 dues-paying members.  Through the investment of our community, LUCHA, through a partnership with our sister organization ACE, has provided member services designed to empower our community.  These Empowerment Services include legal immigration documentation preparation, English and Citizenship courses, technology workshops, ACE Summer Leadership program and other workshops to help our community develop both as professionals and leadership our community.

    LUCHA has also been the leading community organization working on worker rights.  LUCHA and ACE are the lead organization for the Arizona Fight for $15, through the campaign, we have mobilized over 1,000 individuals through various actions, over 5,000 supporters through online petitions and creative the momentum for potential ballot initiatives regarding minimum wage and paid sick leave. 

    Please become a LUCHAdor and SIGN UP for our newsletters and updates!  Here you will receive news and information of all the incredible work that LUCHA and ACE are doing! 

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    One-Third-of-Arizona-Votes-Uncounted-Two-Days-After-the-Election_medium.jpgThis election cycle, we encountered numerous failures in our county and state's electoral systems that disenfranchised voters and blocked them from exercising their most basic democratic right: casting a ballot that counts.

    Without your help, we would not have been able to bring these deep flaws to light. And so far, the response from our county and state elected officials has been monotonously predictable: More barriers to casting ballots and having them count, supposedly to ‘prevent chaos.’

    Together, we are fighting back against their regressive ‘reform’ proposals. And we’re going on offense, mobilizing across the state for lowering the barriers to casting ballots and having them counted.

    Take the pledge now to fight for the rights of EVERY VOTER and EVERY VOTE! Together, we will win this important campaign for democracy in Arizona!


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    I pledge to fight to ensure that Every Voter and Every Vote counts in Every Election! I will join LUCHA and the progressive movement in Arizona to defend the right to fair elections and a democracy in which every voice is heard.
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