Lilly Washington v. Bank of America, Fannie Mae

lilly_arm_up.jpg“It is absolutely David versus Goliath, me versus all of Bank of America and Fannie Mae.” – Lilly Washington, Phoenix homeowner fighting back against fraudulent foreclosure.

This blog is longer than I normally write, but this story about Lilly Washington and her fight against Bank of America and Fannie Mae is too amazing, astonishing, and inspiring to leave out any detail. It’s simply that impressive. Here’s how she tells it:

“They took my home. Evicted me twice. Helped put me in the hospital six times. Threw everything I owned in the city dump. And when they sold my house out from under me back in 2010, I was in a military hospital in Germany, helping care for my son, who was in a coma from injuries suffered in combat in Afghanistan.

“That’s crazy, right? But I never gave up. After Bank of America sold my home – I was already negotiating with them for a loan modification and they even told me that they would put the negotiations on hold while I cared for my son – I decided I wasn’t leaving and I reoccupied it.”

Click here to stand with Lilly Washington as she fights Bank of America and Fannie Mae to win her title free and clear and get damages for trashing all her belongings and putting her in the hospital six times.

Unfortunately, in a country where Wall Street banks have foreclosed on 4 million households and 12 million homeowners are underwater, stories like Lilly’s, no matter how shocking, are becoming more and more routine.

Here’s what happened to Lilly when she came back from Afghanistan (her son, thankfully, emerged from his coma). She found a ‘for sale’ sign in the yard and a new lock on the front door. Her house had been completely emptied; the furniture acquired over years, the Purple Heart her son had earned when he was shot during an earlier tour in Iraq: all gone. Bank of America had illegally and fraudulently sold her house to Fannie Mae only days after she’d left the country. And, they’d thrown all of her belongings in the city dump.

So like David confronting impossible odds, she stood up and fought. She moved back in, fought the eviction in court, and replaced her furniture with donations from her church. When the Sheriff’s deputies came in January 2012 to evict her, Lilly won a stay of eviction. Then in April she found a judge who finally recognized that she had been robbed by Wall Street bankers and let her legally possess her home again. 

“My fight’s not over, though. And it’s cost me. Fighting the Sheriff’s deputies when they tried to evict me made me slip a disk in my back. The stress caused me a heart attack. I went to the hospital six times, I’m facing another surgery, and I’m on disability now.

“What’s worse, though, is that the banks broke the law, stole my house, junked everything I owned, ruined my health and haven’t paid for their crime in any way. It’s just like what they’ve done to the economy and the entire country!

“So I’m still fighting and I need your help. We need to make sure that the banks are held accountable for their crimes. I’ve filed a lawsuit against Bank of America and Fannie Mae to win my title free and clear and win damages for everything they’ve put me through with their illegal actions. I’m meeting with them this week.

Join with me in this fight to make sure the big Wall Street banks pay for what they’ve done to me and millions of other families like mine. Help me demand a fair settlement and take one step towards teaching Wall Street that theft and fraud have consequences.”

We at LUCHA want to let Bank of America and Fannie Mae know that we are watching and that they have stolen too much from our families, our communities, and our country. Criminal actions should have consequences. We are joining with Lilly Washington and 99%ers like her to fight back against Wall Street and demand accountability.

Together, we can win this fight and many more. Sign on to show your support today.



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