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LUCHA members are the experts on the problems facing their communities!  A democratic and grassroots organization, LUCHA is made up of 2,000 member families who come from the communities we organize in.  Our members identify the justice issues we confront and join with our organizers to work for change, out in the streets, at meetings with elected officials and corporate executives, through electoral campaigns and in the media. 

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A founding member of LUCHA, Alicia Russell works diligently to ensure that the voices of all Arizona's working families are heard.  The 10th child of migrant farmworkers, she grew up with a first-hand knowledge of the impact of racial and economic oppression on the Latino and immigrant communities in Arizona. 

In 2006, Alicia served as the Treasurer and Spokesperson for the Arizona Minimum Wage Coalition, which successfully established a minimum wage, with automatic annual indexing to the cost of living through ballot initiative.  Alicia has led her community in a campaign for accountability and reform at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and assisted thousands of legal permanent residents apply for citizenship through her work at citizenship fairs. 

In addition to her hard work, Alicia's cheerful spirit brings joy to all who know her!  Thank you, Alicia, for all you do! Join Alicia and LUCHA to work for change!


Become a LUCHA Member

Being a LUCHA member means that you are a part of the movement for the change in your community. For only $10.00 a month you will become a LUCHAdor en la LUCHA! Not only are you able to benefit from the services that we offer, you become an asset in helping your community while you are helping yourself. We want you to invest in the change we promote by becoming a member! While you give back to your community you are helping yourself become empowered through our services. The services we offer are:

Help/guidance throughout the first time DACA and renewal process

Path to Citizenship, helping with your application

Green Card Renewal

Citizenship Classes

English Classes


Passport Style Photos

Leadership Development workshops

Informational resources

A change maker in your community

We want to offer empowering services so you can become the best you can for yourself, your family, and your community. Help us continue offering these services to our community, and become a LUCHA member today!!!!

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