Save Arizona's Minimum Wage! -- Salvar al Salario Minimo en Arizona!

At the end of February, the Commerce Committee of the Arizona House of Representatives approved a bill that would steal money from the paychecks of Arizona's lowest paid employees. The bill cuts the minimum wage by $3 for teenagers and $2 for tipped employees. greed.jpgTell the bill's sponsor, Rep. Steve Court, to stop giving breaks to the 1% at the expense of Arizona's working families!


Al fin del mes de febrero, el Comité de Comercio de la Cámara de Representantes de Arizona aprobó un proyecto de ley que robaría dinero de sus cheques de pago de los empleados de los mas bajos salarios. Este proyecto de ley reduce el salario mínimo en $3.00 para los adolescentes y en $2.00 para los empleados que reciben propinas. Digale al patrocinador de este proyecto de ley, Representante Steve Court, que deje de beneficiar al 1% a gran costo de las familias trabajadoras de Arizona.


Rep. Court,

We call on you to stop doing the bidding of Arizona's 1% by cutting the minimum wage by $3 for teenagers and $2 tipped employees. This is a special interest payoff at the expense of our state's working families. We demand you pull the bill or let it die.

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  • Merry Cox
    signed 2012-03-06 13:18:31 -0700
  • Sandy Sanders
    signed 2012-03-06 13:10:35 -0700
    We need to adopt a locally adjusted living wage indexed to the economy with cost of living increases.
  • Jim Head
    signed 2012-03-06 12:29:24 -0700
  • Maggie Davidson
    signed 2012-03-06 12:15:43 -0700
  • Patricia Fox
    signed 2012-03-06 12:11:09 -0700
  • @GBNYChange tweeted link to this page. 2012-03-06 11:50:39 -0700
    Sign the petition: save the minimum wage in AZ #1u #p2 #wiunion #ows
  • Christine Blunt
    signed 2012-03-06 07:31:12 -0700
  • Susan Keiraleyn
    signed 2012-03-05 22:07:17 -0700
    This is disgraceful. You are targeting some of the lowest-paid people in the state, who can least survive a wage cut. I have made note of who is supporting this bill, and trust me, I will be working on behalf of your opponents in the next election!
  • Beverley Sutton
    signed 2012-03-05 21:41:53 -0700
  • Carmen Valenzuela
    signed 2012-03-05 20:56:04 -0700
  • Karen Miller
    signed 2012-03-05 16:28:06 -0700
  • Dia SmithRedman
    signed 2012-03-05 16:01:06 -0700
  • james m nordlund
    signed 2012-03-05 16:00:49 -0700
  • Danny DeTora
    signed 2012-03-05 16:00:45 -0700
  • posted about this on Facebook 2012-03-05 15:56:24 -0700
    Sign the petition: save the minimum wage in AZ #1u #p2 #wiunion #ows
  • Greg Zyzanski
    signed 2012-03-05 15:35:13 -0700
  • miguel ramos
    signed 2012-03-05 14:52:16 -0700
  • miesen nelson
    signed 2012-03-05 13:56:21 -0700
    These people you are considering foisting this injustice on are in all likelyhood far more hardworking than you who consistantly support the corporate greed machine that feeds off the most vulnerable in our country. YOU should be ashamed of yourselves. There will be an accounting! if not on this world, still it will come. I pray that you follow the example of Jesus and minister to the poorest among us. Be a blessing in their lives. You are in a position of authority which makes you especially accountable for your actions as you impact thousands and millions with the choices you make and the laws you enact. DO THE RIGHT THING!
  • azzia zur
    signed 2012-03-05 13:21:27 -0700
  • Teresa Wall
    signed 2012-03-05 13:18:22 -0700
  • Beth Norwood
    signed 2012-03-05 13:16:21 -0700
    Power to the People.
  • Teresa Mays
    signed 2012-03-05 13:16:10 -0700
  • Gary Rulapaugh
    signed 2012-03-05 12:23:13 -0700
  • Karen Kirschling
    signed 2012-03-05 12:08:19 -0700
  • Claudia Mackey
    signed 2012-03-05 12:00:05 -0700
  • Mallika Henry
    signed 2012-03-05 10:51:11 -0700
  • Gerald Reichmuth
    signed 2012-03-05 10:08:27 -0700
  • Philip Johnston
    signed 2012-03-05 09:48:16 -0700
  • Judy Whitehouse
    signed 2012-03-05 09:33:04 -0700
    Quit starving the real creators of jobs – money in the hands of people who spend it to create demand for products.
  • martin robbins
    signed 2012-03-05 09:33:01 -0700

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